Resisting the Anti-American 45 Regime

(Note:  45 refers to the 45th president of the United States)
Entry into this country is a privilege, as some of 45’s supporters have pointed out. And there are geographic areas of concern in the world (although 45’s decree did not cover all of them).
However, to deny a privilege to any INDIVIDUAL because of his or her race, color, religion, or national origin is anti-American.
Not even during the height of the Cold War did this country issue a blanket denial of entry against Soviet, East German, other eastern European, or Communist Chinese people. In fact, we welcomed “defectors,” which was our name for refugees fleeing these regimes in the period 1945-1990. If they were well known, we held them up on pedestals (Baryshnikov, for example). We understood that there was a slim chance that a “defector” might be a “spy,” so we vetted them. (Here let me point out that Cold War spies tended overwhelmingly to be American citizens, such as FBI career agent Robert Hansen, not foreign-born defectors.)
Why? Because America – her people and her government – knew that the best way to fight oppression was not to become oppressive, but to remain true to our own ideals.
Fast forward to today’s regime. If a refugee has gone through the current 2+ year vetting process by multiple U.S. law enforcement agencies, then there is no reason not to admit that refugee. Terrorists can’t just “sneak into the country as refugees” because of this extensive and multi-layered vetting process. That is why the various terror attacks on US soil have not been perpetrated by people posing as refugees from the 7 targeted nations. They have been perpetrated by Saudis and Egyptians. They have been committed by American citizens, native born and naturalized. They have not been committed by people entering under refugee status.
45 and his regime lie in order to keep fear stirring in the hearts of people already prone not to want refugees in this country in the first place (Bowling Green Massacre; attack on tourists in the Louvre – really!?!?), people who don’t know enough or don’t care enough about Islam to understand that it is on a par with Christianity (ISIS-KKK; both faiths suffer with evil minority groups abusing what they stand for), people who have had their own fears assuaged by the idea that there is a regime in Washington that will take care of everything so they can feel safe.
These are people who seem to think that “feeling safe” is the same thing as “being safe.”
This is a false equivalency on which the regime trades to increase its control over this nation.
The people of this great nation – and we were and have been great long before the 45 regime was installed on January 21, 2017 – can stop this madness.
Call out lies.
Be alert to false equivalencies.
Take nothing the regime and its mouthpieces say at face value; 45 lost that privilege with the Bowling Green Massacre.
Rise up and protest. Armchair protest and Facebook protest are certainly what many of us do, but at some point it’s necessary to bring shoe leather and large numbers of people assembling together into the equation too.
Do so peacefully. Violence only gets met with violence and further oppression.
Speak truth.
Be prepared to be met with anger, derision, and lots of alt-right propaganda.
Stand tall. Don’t waver.
Resistance to evil always wins in the end.

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