“Alternative Facts” As Offical Policy

During his first speech to Congress last Tuesday, 45 claimed that foreigners have committed the “vast majority” of terrorism-related offenses in the United States since the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.  This is another one of his administration’s “alternative facts” — one that he used to defend his push for stricter border controls.

The truth is that since 9/11, an average of nine American Muslims per year have been involved in terror plots in the domestic United States.  Right-wing extremists, however, have committed an average of 337 terrorist acts per year.

45 inaccurately depicted the domestic attacks as having been committed by people from the countries included in his first Muslim ban.  This is demonstrably false.  The Boston Marathon bombing suspects were brothers born in Kyrgyzstan and Russia, the man involved in the San Bernardino shooting was born in Illinois, and the 9/11 were born in places (predominantly Saudi Arabia) not on the Trump administration’s banned countries list.  This so-called president of ours regularly forgets that things like Google exist and that we can fact-check him at the drop of a (made-in-China) MAGA hat.

Discrimination against immigrants is wrong.  After all, almost all of us are descended from immigrants, as is 45 himself.  His own mother was born in Scotland, but since she was Caucasian, I guess that doesn’t matter.  At some point, 45’s alternative fact will likely be that she was born on a dairy farm in Wisconsin.

45’s second Muslim ban, signed today, is just as unconstitutional, bigoted, and based on alternative facts as the first.  The first legal challenges will be filed shortly, and the courts will hopefully slap this one down, too.  America is better than this – right?


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