Andrew Jackson: 45’s Kindred Spirit

Yesterday, 45 laid a wreath at the grave of one of his idols, President Andrew Jackson, and posted the following: “Andrew Jackson: We thank you for your service. We honor your memory. We build on your legacy & we thank God for the USA!”  Also, the New York Times published an amusing article ( comparing 45 and Jackson.  It’s an interesting piece, but it doesn’t quite go far enough.

Here’s the deal, put in simple language that even 45 can understand: 45 is a LOT like Andrew Jackson.

Jackson was a rich man who pretended he was an ordinary guy through crude outbursts.  He was a racist who exploited the fears millions had towards outsiders by expelling Native Americans.  He disregarded the Constitution when it suited him and expressed contempt for the federal courts, such as when he ignored the Supreme Court rulings regarding indigenous peoples’ rights to their land in Georgia.

45 is a “rich” man who pretends he’s an ordinary guy through crude outbursts.  He is a racist who exploits the fears millions have towards outsiders by calling for a wall on the Mexican border, the deportation of undocumented workers, and the Muslim ban.  He expressed contempt for federal judges who blocked his Muslim ban and has no respect for Constitution’s required separation of church and state.

It’s certainly obvious enough why Jackson holds a great deal of appeal to 45, and why his is the legacy upon which 45 wants to build.


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