Another Diversion — But This One Has A Body Count

On Thursday night, fifty-nine Tomahawk cruise missiles fell on Syria (at a cost of at least $800,000 each), having been launched from US ships in the Mediterranean.  This strike was launched as a response to the Assad regime’s chemical weapons attack on civilians, which was allegedly a “red line” for the 45 administration in the ongoing conflict in Syria.

As far as optics go, this looks good for 45, despite the fact he campaigned on withdrawing us from global conflicts.  Just add it to the list of lies, broken promises, or position changes coming from the 45 White House.

This military action came on the same day the Senate invoked the “nuclear option” to confirm 45’s  Supreme Court nominee, while at the same time there is continued turmoil in the White House with Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon apparently in a battle to the death for the direction of 45’s administration.  The two have been reported to be at odds, with Bannon allegedly calling Kushner a “cuck.”  Who would have thought that putting a white nationalist on the same team as an Orthodox Jew could possibly create conflict?

45 does not truly care about Syria.  His fear-mongering about refugees and his statements over the years on Twitter have demonstrated as much.  His Twitter rants against President Obama warned of getting involved in Syria — but here we are.

If 45 wasn’t trying to deflect from the shitstorm that is going on in his inner circle and the continuing shitshow that is his failing administration and actually gave a flying rat’s ass about Syrian kids, he would have allowed them asylum in the United States.  There are, however, no signs such an action is forthcoming.

Now that dozens of innocent civilians are dead, 45 can lob millions of dollars’ worth of missiles at Assad’s airfields (in strikes he told Putin about beforehand) and pretend he’s presidential.  He’s not fooling anyone other than his Orange Kool-Aid-drinking sycophants.

We must keep our eyes on the ball, people: Russia.  Russia should be our focus.  New diversions seem to pop up daily to distract the media, citizenry, and elected representatives, but we must not allow 45’s goons to succeed.  We must persist.


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