45: The Evangelicals’ Dream?!

Jerry Falwell Jr., an influential evangelical leader and president of Liberty University, spoke with Fox News (the unofficial media outlet of the federal government) last weekend and said, “I think evangelicals have found their dream president.”

Who are these so-called evangelicals who so adore this so-called president?  45 is the living, breathing embodiment of total immorality. His words, actions, policies, and lifestyle are completely unlike Jesus Christ, whom they adamantly claim to follow and worship.  From his admitted predatory behavior, serial adultery, sexism, racism and xenophobia all the way to policy decisions that are harmful to both Americans and the citizens of our countries, 45 has engaged in behavior that would make Christ vomit.  Just lately, for example, 45’s nominee for Secretary of the Army, Dr. Mark Green, has made hateful and ignorant comments  in saying that being “transgender is a disease,” supported legislation allowing mental health practitioners to refuse to treat LGBTQ people, and pushed an asinine conspiracy theory by urging America to “take a stand on the indoctrination of Islam in our public schools.”  45’s “administration” has also completely abandoned the concept of advancing and protecting human rights around the world, decided that school lunches don’t need to be particularly nutritious, and decided to live in an alternative reality based upon alternative facts.

I’ve been trying for over a year to figure out how the Religious Right supports and praises this president.  I’ve come to the conclusion that, by now, there must be those who are awash in regret and confusion and trying to determine if anything remains of their faith.  They simply don’t recognize their churches.  They see the same things the rest of us see.  They see their churches preaching messages in which the teachings of Jesus have become so unrecognizable that I honestly cannot fathom why any sane person would ever be drawn to the Religious Right’s version of Christianity.   This saddens me greatly, as Christ’s message of unconditional love appears to be needed now more than ever.

Christ instructs us to love others.  45’s evangelical supporters need to ask themselves whether he demonstrates love for others.  Do his policy choices demonstrate love?  Do his narcissistic, egotistical, unhinged Twitter rants demonstrate love?  Do the lies that he tells every day demonstrate love?

If evangelicals aren’t going to stand up for the things Jesus stood for, then please … SHUT UP.  Stop saying that Jesus would be a Republican if we alive today.  Stop saying that the election of 45 was ordained by God.  Stop drinking the Orange Kool-Aid.  Just stop it.  Try to remember the actual teachings of Christ and not the bastardized version peddled by the Religious Right and the GOP.


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