Wanted: A Group Rate On Moral Compasses

I’ve absolutely had it with these amateur criminals in the White House.  All people have a moral compass, but The Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight appears to have broken or lost theirs.

A lot of people are trying to ignore is the undeniable fact that this “administration” has spent MONTHS insisting that no one from 45’s campaign had communication with Russians in regards to the election.  When the smoking gun is right there, supporters and 45’s loyal minions deflect, play coy, or try to pass it off with “anyone else would have done it.”

Was the meeting illegal?  We’ll wait for legal experts and the authorities to decide, but after all the denials, it is (if nothing else) an embarrassment for 45 and the United States of America.  And as for the excuse that the meeting turned out to be a bust and no information was obtained, that’s like someone trying to break into your house, failing to get past the security system, and getting upset when the cops are called. 

Doofus Donnie went in that meeting (with his brother-in-law and the campaign manager in tow) hoping to get something on Clinton.  Regardless of the results of that meeting, he was willing to collude with a foreign government to influence an American election.  That, my friends, is despicable.   All the money in the world can’t buy you a moral compass.


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