About Progressive Penguin

This blog is the product of collaboration between two progressive resisters.  Expect to see our posts and those of guest bloggers from time to time.

We live in North Carolina, which used to be a mildly progressive state until former governor Pat McCrory and the Tea Party got hold of it, gerrymandered to ensure the dominance of regressive Republicans in the state Assembly, and generally embarrassed us and many other Tarheels with things like HB2.  There is rebuilding work to be done here.

We protest and resist the Donald Trump administration, so expect to see posts on that theme.

We are left-wing Christians who think that Jesus wasn’t kidding when he spoke about showing mercy for the poor, welcoming the stranger and standing up for the downtrodden.  (We also think he was pretty clear on that “camel through the eye of a needle” thing as it applied to the rich man of parable fame.)