A Madman In Manhattan

In case you missed it, the President of the United States spoke in front of the United Nations today.  No one but the most dedicated Trumpkin could possibly believe that it went well. Again referring to Kim Jong Un as the “Rocket Man” (something both ridiculous and insulting to Elton John fans), 45 followed up […]

When Your “Heritage” Sucks

After the chaos and tragedy in Charlottesville, I’d like to make a few points about those who defend Confederate monuments, who say they shouldn’t be taken down because that whitewashes history (interesting term, by the way).  Some people say, “It’s heritage, not hate.”  Of which heritage are they more proud – the slavery or the […]

Wanted: A Group Rate On Moral Compasses

I’ve absolutely had it with these amateur criminals in the White House.  All people have a moral compass, but The Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight appears to have broken or lost theirs. A lot of people are trying to ignore is the undeniable fact that this “administration” has spent MONTHS insisting that no one from […]

45: The Evangelicals’ Dream?!

Jerry Falwell Jr., an influential evangelical leader and president of Liberty University, spoke with Fox News (the unofficial media outlet of the federal government) last weekend and said, “I think evangelicals have found their dream president.” Who are these so-called evangelicals who so adore this so-called president?  45 is the living, breathing embodiment of total […]

Day 101

Our so-called president has had the worst beginning to a presidency in modern American history.  The majority of Americans appear to understand that, but 45 and his cult are living in an alternative reality based upon alternative facts. 45 has been surprised that health care is a complicated issue and, more recently, has admitted that […]

Another Diversion — But This One Has A Body Count

On Thursday night, fifty-nine Tomahawk cruise missiles fell on Syria (at a cost of at least $800,000 each), having been launched from US ships in the Mediterranean.  This strike was launched as a response to the Assad regime’s chemical weapons attack on civilians, which was allegedly a “red line” for the 45 administration in the […]

When A Compromise Isn’t A Compromise At All

Governor Roy Cooper (D-NC) is expected to sign a bill (HB 142) today that is being promoted as a compromise on North Carolina’s HB2 (“bathroom bill”) controversy.  It leaves regulation of bathrooms in the control of the State of North Carolina, with local governments barred from passing their own anti-discrimination laws until December 2020.  In […]